Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hello out there?

This blog has seemed to get away from me lately. I guess we have just had so much going on.
We spent 3 weeks in California just Madison and I. We visited several zoos and parks. Hung out with friends. Went to the beach. and I went to Disneyland with Candace and her family.

During the month of May

- Zach got his second BS degree in biology.
- Took the MCAT in Denver
- Sliced a chunk out of his heel on accident

-Madison grew 4 more teeth.
- Pooped in the potty all on her own
- Can say 40+ words
- Scrapes her knees daily
-Got a "big girl" twin bed, but I don't think she wants to sleep in it.

-Sara hit 469 sales in her bow shop
- Had a couple HUGE orders with Brickyard Buffalo and a shop in Australia
- Became a co author for a Pre Med Wives Club Blog.
- Lived the mommy life 24/7

In June we are looking forward to

-getting the MCAT score (fingers crossed)
- applying to medical school
- Throwing a farewell baby shower for the Hughes Family.
- Hanging out at the pool
- working to save money for everything
-Hopefully hear back from a school ASAP
-My parents coming at the end of the month.


Jacque Pinol said...

Long time no blogging twinsies! 3 weeks in Cali how fun! Looks like it was very well enjoyed!

Jacque Pinol said...

Long time no blogging twinsiies!! 3 weeks in Cali! Sounds like it was very well enjoyed !
Congrats on your shop purchases! That's awesome!